Plate Like An Escoffier Student

August Top Plating Photos

Our Escoffier Chef Mentors are proud to announce the beginning of a monthly, friendly competition around student pictures. To encourage creative plating and culinary excellence, our mentors will be selecting one outstanding plating photo from each of the full programs, Culinary Fundamentals and Baking and Pastry at the beginning of each month. Congratulations to our first winners, Norma Reni and Greg M.! These students went above and beyond the grading requirements to create some exceptionally presented dishes, fit for a king!

Culinary Winner: Mashed Potatoes by Norma Reni
“What a beautiful job Norma, I’m so impressed with your quality of work. I could not ask for more, your presentation is so amazing, it really shows your passion for cooking! You are excellent!! Keep on cooking!” –Chef Cesar

Mashed Potatoes by Norma Reni

Pastry Winner: Choux Paste by Greg M.
“Well done Greg, I can really see you follow each step very closely, using the proper technique as well. As you can see that practice makes perfect, the first time was probably harder for you and didn’t work, but look at this you did a great job the second time, I’m proud of you Greg! I love the way you plate, it looks wonderful!! Keep on baking!” -Chef Cesar

Choux Paste by Greg M.


Thanks to our wonderful students for always striving to display their best work. It’s time to cook creatively with Escoffier! 

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