Keeping Up With: Craft Beers and Dessert Trends

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Pairing Craft Beers With Food
If you’re making a feast for your friends this weekend while working on a culinary course, skip the typical wine and cocktail pairings and instead choose craft beers. Microbrews have become widely popular and recently made their way to tables of high-quality food establishments across the country. Craft beers, unlike other conventionally brewed beers, have complex and intricate flavors because they [Read More…]

Copenhagen’s Foodie Scene In The 2013 Spotlight
It wasn’t too long ago that many individuals taking online chef courses would shy away from Nordic recipes, as their cuisine was considered as dry and melancholy as their winters. However, many cooks in international cooking schools are beginning to take notice of the trailblazing efforts of Denmark. Denmark’s cuisine is making headlines In the small nation [Read More…]

Dessert Trends On The Rise: Dacquoise And Fig Cookies
It’s a given that you will need to master at least part of the baking & pastry arts, whether you are pursuing a career in culinary arts programs or simply want to become an accomplished home cook. Desserts are hotter than ever right now, and keeping yourself informed about these sweet trends will help you become [Read More…]

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