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Apple Strudel Pastry Demo
Check out Chef Susie’s pastry demo!  Chef will demonstrate how to make Apple Strudel step-by-step. View for recipe and video! [Read More…]

What’s In A (Michelin) Star
You learn about advanced preparation techniques in your online cooking school and you may relate this to your own dining out experiences. But have you ever wondered how fine dining establishments get rated? While user-generated content provides averages of star ratings for some online websites or restaurant apps, there are some highly coveted ratings for [Read More…]

Trending: Ramen Burger Broken Down
Culinary mashups continue to sprout from New York City, and you may be wondering how to recreate some of these masterpieces while you are enrolled in an online cooking school. While cronuts are taking the pastry world by storm, savory dishes are also gaining traction for their creative pairings. [Read More…]

Matelote Culinary Demo
Check out Chef Thomas’s culinary demo! The Chef will demonstrate how to make Escoffier Matelote. View for recipe and video! [Read More…]

Student Spotlight – Kristi Diaz
Meet Kristi who is a Pastry Arts student with Escoffier Online International Culinary Academy. We hope you enjoy her story! My mom used to bake when I was a kid. She was famous for her meringues so that is the first pastry item I learned to [Read More…]

Duck Eggs Vs. Chicken Eggs
Escoffier Online’s Chef Mark Dowling discusses the difference between duck eggs and chicken eggs. The duck egg trend is growing fast and is being served in more and more restaurants. Chicken eggs can be found in your local grocery store, while duck eggs are seen popping up in stores across the country. Chicken eggs tend to [Read More…]

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