Keeping Up With: Coca-Cola, Farm-To-Table and Top Chef

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Coca-Cola’s Life A Sweet Alternative
If you’ve been keeping up on the food and drink news while taking online culinary courses, you may have heard about the studies that are finding diet sodas to have harmful health effects. According to researchers, the artificial sweeteners in diet soda could lead to weight gain and the risk of developing diseases such as [Read More…]

Foodie Culture And Farm-To-Table Movement Becoming The Norm In Major U.S. Cities
The rise of a new generation moving into cities has certainly changed the landscape of many urban metropolises across the nation. Now more than ever, young people are paying more attention to what is going on within the culinary academy. [Read More...]

Telemundo To Air Spanish-Language Version Of “Top Chef”
After the success of “La Voz Kids,” which was a Telemundo version of NBC’s “The Voice,” the popular Spanish language network is looking to branch into other popular reality television programs. One of these is the highly successful cooking competition “Top Chef,” which is a favorite with many students enrolled in online cooking programs. [Read More…]

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