Telemundo To Air Spanish-Language Version Of ‘Top Chef’

After the success of “La Voz Kids,” which was a Telemundo version of NBC’s “The Voice,” the popular Spanish language network is looking to branch into other popular reality television programs. One of these is the highly successful cooking competition “Top Chef,” which is a favorite with many students enrolled in online cooking programs. Reality TV is expected to be a major hit with a Spanish-speaking audience, as MundoFOX is also launching a version of Fox’s “X Factor” at the end of July.

Top Chef has become a culinary tour de force, as many of the winners have gone on to enjoy celebrity chef status and opened revered restaurants. According to Eater, the show has brought so much knowledge about cooking and the work it takes to become a chef, the series has become an Emmy and James Beard Award-winning delight in Hollywood.

The basics
Unlike the version in the U.S., none of the competitors in the show are actually chefs. Instead, “Top Chef: Estrellas” (Top Chef: Stars) will feature eight popular Hispanic celebrities that cook dishes with the help of professional chefs. Many of the competitors are famous models, actors and hosts, so the audience will already be familiar with their personalities.

Another major difference between the Spanish-speaking and U.S. versions is the prize. In the U.S. program, the winner typically gets a brand-new kitchen and appliances, a $250,000 check to start their own restaurant and a chance to feature their cuisine at the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen, Colo. However, since the competitors are already wealthy celebrities in the Spanish-speaking version, the winner will earn $100,000 to donate to a charity or charities of their choice.

“‘Top Chef: Estrellas’ is an innovative television concept that blends the best of Bravo’s successful Top Chef franchise with the intense passion our audience has for their favorite stars,” Daniel Cubillo, Veep of unscripted development at Telemundo, explained to Variety. “Telemundo continues to innovate by bringing for the first time a cooking competition to Spanish-language prime time television.”

Coming soon
The judges of the show include Lorena Garcia, herself a competitor on “Top Chef: Masters,” and the owners of James Beard Award-nominated restaurant La Casita Mexicana, Jaime Martin Del Campo and Ramiro Arvizu. The host is famous telenovela star Aylin Mujica.

Top Chef: Estrellas is set to premiere this fall, and is expected to be a hit with many Spanish-speaking fans who enjoy food, fun and preparation.

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