Escoffier Launching Culinary Program In Spanish July 1st

As US Hispanic Workforce Reaches 23 Million, Escoffier Will Launch First-Ever Spanish Language Online Culinary Program July 1

Chicago, IL – June 19, 2013 – With the number of Hispanic workers in the US reaching an all-time high, Escoffier Online Culinary Academy is responding by creating more opportunities for online education and job growth for the Spanish-speaking community. According to a recent study by DePaul University, a high percentage of the Latino workforce is concentrated in food services, and need to improve their skills and training. On July 1, Escoffier Online will launch the first Spanish-language culinary school online, making its Culinary Arts curriculum available to help Spanish-speaking students achieve certification in the field.

The Hispanic workforce is set to skyrocket by 2020, from 23 million to 32 million workers according to the Borough of Labor Statistics. As the Hispanic workforce continues to increase, the lack of education available for the community widens. The Escoffier Online Culinary Arts Spanish program will provide access to an affordable education that will lead to better jobs and a future career in the culinary trade.

“Our goal is to put culinary school within reach of those who might otherwise not have access, which includes a growing workforce of Spanish-speaking workers in restaurants and other food service jobs across the country,” said Jack Larson, co-founder, Escoffier Online and Executive Chairman, Triumph Higher Education Group. “Escoffier Online combines a prestigious culinary curriculum with a unique web-based model that delivers affordability, accessibility, and now, bi-lingual instruction, with a program that is tailored specifically to this demographic. Through our Spanish language curriculum, we hope to prepare more skilled workers to take advantage of job opportunities in the growing culinary industry.”

With an emphasis on technical career development and job placement, Escoffier Online makes it easy for students to take classes on their own schedule, many balancing full-time jobs, family responsibilities, and other commitments at the same time. As with Escoffier Online’s English-language programs, the new curriculum will include 24×7 access to lessons and support, entirely in Spanish – including written content, video tutorials, mentor interaction, and more. Upon completion of the program, students will become “Escoffier Certified,” earning their certificate in culinary arts education. A partnership with along with direct career guidance, portfolio building, and resume-writing support are designed to help students make the jump to their first job or new careers.

The Escoffier Online Culinary Arts Spanish program will officially launch on July 1. Enrollment is open now. For information or to register, visit

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