Keeping Up With – Chilies, S’mores and Chocolate Dresses

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Here’s what we covered:

4 Odd Delicacies From Asia
Whether you are a seasoned world traveler or a freshly graduated student of an online culinary school program, when you think of delicacies, the first things that come to mind are luxury, great or exotic flavors and big price tags. [Read More…] Bacon Weave S’mores Are Now A Reality
It seems like the sandwich will never be the same again. This summer it has been the muse of food fads that play on taste, texture and plating. Food Beast reported on a food blogger who created a twist on a campfire treat. [Read More…] Top 4 Hottest Chilies In The World
Peppers are commonplace in any heat-loving individual’s pantry, but the ones on this list are above and beyond jalapenos or habanero chilies. While the habanero is rated at 500,000 Scoville heat units (SHU), some of these rank 2 to 4 times hotter than that. They have found their way to high-end restaurants and [Read More...] Chocolate Dresses Sweeten Up The Runways Of London
Whether you are a 5 year old getting ready for Halloween or a parent completing an online culinary course before trick-or-treaters attack your door, chocolate is going to be on your mind. It seems that the fashion world has been bit by the chocolate bug as well. [Read More…]


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