Keeping Up With – Breakfast, Summer Vegetables, & Grumppacinno

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Breakfast Is Good For Your Heart
By now, everyone has repeatedly heard the mantra that breakfast is good for your health. It has been proven to help people lose weight and improve their level of focus and concentration for students in culinary programs taking exams. Now, scientists have found that skipping breakfast may not only be detrimental to your health, but may actually be [Read More…]

Creative Crepes For Every Palette
As you continue your online culinary arts program and master several different types of cuisines, it is important to remain creative in the types of foods you learn to prepare. While M&M pancakes or savory waffles are interesting variations of staple breakfast items, offer sweet or savory crepes the next time you prepare brunch. [Read More…]

Beat The Mondays With A Grumppacinno
Any culinary academy student who isn’t a morning person can attest to the power of coffee as a jump start the day. Some people may choose to visit their local coffee shop, while others may opt to brew their own at home. However, for students who like to take their iced caffeinated beverages with them on the go [Read More…]

Summer Vegetables Recipes
Chef Mark Dowling will demonstrate how to make Summer Vegetables by using Escoffier’s techniques. For recipe and how to video [Read More…]

Let’s Do Our First Assessment Together
Escoffier Online’s Chef Mark Dowling does a live stream every Friday at 1:00pm CST called, Let’s Do The First Culinary Assessment Together, and Chef Susie Wolak does a live stream, Let’s Do The Butter Cream Assessment Together, at 2:30pm CST. Chef Susie and Chef Mark will walk through the first assessment of each program step by [Read More…]

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