Beat The Mondays With A Grumppacinno

Any culinary academy student who isn’t a morning person can attest to the power of coffee as a jump start the day. Some people may choose to visit their local coffee shop, while others may opt to brew their own at home. However, for students who like to take their iced caffeinated beverages with them on the go without having to wait for them to be brew, bottle ice coffees are the preferred option. Now students who are feeling a little grouchy on Monday mornings can choose the coffee drink endorsed by the Internet’s favorite feline – Grumpy Cat.

Internet celebrity Grumpy Cat, who’s real name is Tardar Sauce, will be launching his line of iced coffees for the days when everyone around you has too high of energy levels for you to handle. Moody cats and humans can soon get their paws on these Grumppacinno drinks in coffee, mocha and vanilla flavors. Initially the drink will only be sold online before making it’s way to shelves at your local supermarket, so at least you won’t have to talk to anyone while ordering your coffee.

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