Jean-Robert de Cavel bringing new restaurant to Cincinnati

Online cooking school students in the Midwest will soon have yet another example of excellence in cooking from which to model their own work moving forward.  According to the Cincinnati Business Courier, Jean-Robert de Cavel will be opening a new restaurant in the Ohio city with a focus on beef-centric entrees. The establishment, which is scheduled to open sometime in November of 2014, will be called La Bar a Boeuf, which translates somewhat simply to “The Beef Bar.” A French bistro, La Bar a Boeuf will be the third Cincinnati restaurant for the critically acclaimed chef, and it’s opening is highly anticipated in the Ohio culinary scene.

The concept for the restaurant is a mutation of Cavel’s longstanding desire to open a hamburger dining option in Cincinnati. The eatery’s execution , though, is expected to differ greatly from any other burger joint in the area. According to Cincinnati Magazine, Cavel will serve ground beef entrees in place of burgers. These deconstructed items will be eaten with silverware and will be made of either normal ground beef or, for the more discerning palate, wagyu beef.

Of course, these chopped beef steaks won’t be the only thing on the menu at Cavel’s new restaurant. In fact, La Bar a Boeuf will serve a range of dishes influenced by both French and American cuisine. Among the expected entrees are meals as lavish as calf’s liver and escargot as well as simple favorites such as macaroni and cheese, according to the Cincinnati Business Courier. In speaking with the publication, de Cavel reaffirmed his excitement for the project.

“This is something new and different that I’ve never done before. It will definitely be a relaxed, fun, everyday destination,” said Cavel.

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