Is A Pie In A Cake The Newest Food Trend?

Nothing is safe in the culinary world anymore. A video of a pie being baked into a cake recently appeared on PopSugar. The mashup included a key lime pie baked into a coconut cake. The flavors work well together because the tart pie contrasts with the sweet cake.

Tips on making your own cake-pie creation
Pie – First make your own tasty pie. Opt for something that will hold up to being baked twice. For example, a cherry pie would work well because the filling would turn creamy once inside the cake. You could also consider making a banana cream, blueberry, strawberry, blackberry, cheesecake or lemon pie. However, if you want to make a pie with pieces of fruit inside – like apples – you may want to undercook it slightly so the chunks don’t overcook once you add the cake batter. Once your pie is finished baking, let it cool before adding the cake ingredients.

Cake – There are endless options of cake flavors from which to choose. Chocolate would pair nicely with tangy fruit pies like strawberry or blackberry. A vanilla cake would be balanced well with a banana cream pie. The key is to let the ingredients in each pastry items shine through. Once you have the right pairing, take the tin off the pie and and place it into a large cake pan. The cake batter needs to completely encase the pie so it holds up well.

Topping – You can add a topping on the cake that is a natural pairing with the confection. However, you can go the extra mile and use knowledge obtained from baking and pastry courses online to find a topping that will complement both pastry ingredients. For example, a caramel topping would taste great with a banana cream pie baked into a vanilla cake.

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