Indulge In Any Of These Unexpected Chocolate Desserts

When you’re in the mood for the sweet, creamy and overall addicting taste of chocolate, traditional treats like cake, brownies and cookies are many people’s go-to desserts. While those will also be delicious, you shouldn’t count out any of these unique chocolate treats either:

Panna cotta
Panna cotta offers a similar texture to pudding but tastes like hot cocoa instead. This simple dish is also known as “cooked cream” in Italian and is made up of gelatin, milk and sugar, among other varied ingredients. Panna cotta is known for its tasty, light and silky texture that make it the perfect after-dinner treat. Plus, it’s great for dessert lovers with certain dietary restrictions – the gelatin-based pudding is gluten-free and has the option to be low in sugar and free of dairy as well.

Quick tip: Panna cotta should always have a light and clean texture, so in order to master this, thick dairy products like cream cheese or goat cheese should be thinned beforehand until they reach the consistency of Greek yogurt or sour cream. Enroll in a baking program online to perfect this tasty dessert.

Spiced fondue
Give your chocolate fondue a flavorful kick by including spices such as black peppercorn, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and cardamom pods. This is such a simple dessert to make, but the added spiciness delivers such a robust taste. Get your chocolate fix by dipping your favorite fruits into this smooth and creamy chocolate mixture.

Quick tip: To prevent the fruit you’ll be using for dipping from oxidizing, brush cut pieces with lemon juice. As for the chocolate, you should always melt the mixture over low heat to prevent it from burning.

Chilled mousse
Mousse is typically enjoyed at room temperature, but when you chill it, you get an irresistible summer treat and a tasty way to satisfy your sweet tooth. Garnish the top of the treat with shavings of dark chocolate. You can make your mousse up to two days ahead of time and chill it in the refrigerator.

Quick tip: In order to achieve a smooth and silky texture, make sure to dissolve the sugar in egg whites. Also, pay attention to the cacao percentage of your chocolate – this will determine the bittersweet balance of your mousse. Bon Appetit recommends using 61-72 percent cacao for the best results.

Whip up some chocolate bark for its delicious taste and bevy of health benefits including a healthier heart and reduced stress, according to Women’s Health. You can add alternative ingredients to your bark like walnuts and dried cherries for an extra boost of flavor.

Quick tip: Line your baking pan or cookie sheet with parchment paper before pouring your chocolate. This will prevent your bark from sticking and make it much easier to remove once it has cooled.

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