How to pour wine like a pro

Wine can add some fun to a night out or some flavor to an aromatic dish. But to get the most out of this grape-based beverage, there are certain rules to follow. From storage to pouring, students attending cooking school online should always be sure to treat wine properly.

Temperature and storage
Wine should be stored horizontally and in a cool, dark room to maintain its flavor and aroma. While all wines are best kept at around 55 degrees, Food Network reported, the serving temperatures will vary for whites and reds. White wines are to be poured at anywhere from 40 to 50 degrees while heavier whites and light reds are best enjoyed from 50 to 60 degrees. Full-bodied reds taste best when served a little warmer at about 65 degrees, Food Network recommended. To chill wine that isn’t cool enough, place the bottle in ice or a freezer for a few minutes or leave a bottle of red wine in a sink full of warm water to bring the temperature up.

The perfect pour
In addition to how warm or cool red and white wines should be served, the glass they are served in is also important. It is appropriate for a white wine to be served in a taller and narrower glass while reds fare better in shorter and wider glasses. A 5-ounce pour is standard, but not everyone can measure this by eye. Instead, pour the wine to where the glass is widest. This leaves the beverage with the most surface area possible allowing for maximum oxidization. Still can’t see where the widest point is? If you have a set of identical glasses, put them together so they touch. Pour the wine to the point where the glasses kiss and enjoy your perfectly poured glass of wine!

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