How To Poach Fish

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It can be difficult to nail down that one perfect way to cook fish every time. There’s a time and an occasion for every different way you can do it—sautéing, baking, grilling, steaming—but consistency can often be a problem. If there’s one thing out there that’s incredibly easy to overcook—it’s fish. And let’s be real, dry and overcooked fish can be one of the greatest blasphemies in the culinary arts. No amount of sauce can cover that up! But there is a way to consistently cook your fish to succulent perfection and it takes less time and less effort than most of the other processes. If you’ve never tried poaching fish before, you have surely missed out! By cooking the fish in a simmering broth for just a couple of minutes, the fish is able to maintain its moisture as well as its flavor. Top with a delicious butter sauce and some fresh herbs for a superbly savory entrée.

In this online cooking class, we’re teaching you how to properly poach fish. Once you try this method, you’re going to be hooked!

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