How To Make Whole Wheat Focaccia

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Baking with whole wheat flour has an endless amount of benefits versus its all-purpose counterpart. First off, it has nearly four times the amount of fiber plus it’s chock full of potassium, magnesium and zinc—all good things that contribute to a better functioning, heathier body. It also has a tendency to be a lot less refined which makes it a generally more organic choice that’ll give you a little more texture to your baked goods. All in all, we are fully in support of adding more of this stuff into your pastry creations. From breads like this whole wheat focaccia to cookies and cakes, whole wheat flour can give you a new reason to fall in love with baking!

So, follow along in this online cooking class as we teach you how to bake focaccia using whole wheat flour. You’re going to love how much it gives all of your favorites a new, scrumptious taste!

Whole Wheat Focaccia Bread


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