How To Make Fondant Decorations

In all its yummy glory, fondant shines most as one of the best moldable and edible cake decoration ingredients to use. It has definitely risen up in popularity than the before used marzipan. Really, you can’t watch a baking or pastry show without hearing the word at least a couple times. Oh, and you know all those really amazing figurines and shapes and flowers and fun things they’re putting on cakes these days? THAT is fondant. Really, a high-end cake retailer can’t work without it. And it’s becoming more and more difficult in the world of the pastry arts to be able to thrive without knowing a trick or two on how to use it to your decorating advantage. Luckily, all it takes is a bit of knowledge, a couple tools and a steady hand to create great embellishments that will make your cakes look fabulously professional.

Just follow this video tutorial with our baking and pastry arts expert, and we’ll show you how to make gorgeous fondant decorations for all your cake baking needs. Beautiful cakes are just a view away!

Escoffier live chef cooking demonstration

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