How To Make Crepes At Home

The crepe has long been a breakfast staple in French cuisine, but it has recently become popular in the U.S. The delectable ultra-thin cake is supremely versatile, easy to make and a practical breakfast selection. There is no need to purchase a special gourmet crepe pan or other exotic kitchen equipment. You can use the traditional nonstick pans you already have in your home. Whether you’re a culinary arts student taking baking courses online or just want to mix up your breakfast menu at home, you should learn how to fix up a plate of crepes.

The ingredients for homemade crepes are quite simple and similar to those used in traditional pancakes. All you need is some flour, salt, eggs, milk and unsalted, melted butter. You can find a variety of recipes for simple crepe batter online, complete with measurements for serving sizes. Whisk the ingredients in a large bowl until the mixture is free of doughy clumps. Traditional crepe batter should be watery.

How to make a crepe
Prepare your nonstick pan by wiping a little canola oil on its surface with a paper towel. Let the pan reach medium heat. Add 2 to 3 tablespoons of batter to the pan for smaller servings or up to a quarter cup for larger crepes. Swirl the batter around the pan, letting it thin out as it coats the entire skillet. Don’t worry if you see irregular edges forming around your crepe. You will be folding them in shortly and they will be out of sight.

When the top is dry, which takes about 45 seconds on medium heat, use a spatula to flip it over and gently pat it down. The second side should only be cooked for about 15 to 30 seconds and then your crepe is done. If you see brown blisters on the second side, that is completely normal. Put the finished products on a plate to cool. You can stack your crepes without worrying that they will stick together. After they all have cooled, wrap the crepes up and place them in your refrigerator.

Filling and toppings
Just like its American cousin the pancake, the crepe can be adorned with almost every different kind of topping. It can also be filled with as much of your favorite spreads or jellies as you wish. Some popular crepe fillings include Nutella and strawberry , drizzled with chocolate sauce and topped with a dollop of whipped cream. You don’t have to go the sweet route with your crepes every time . Try using reheated leftover dishes like stir fry or stew as fillings to make a savory treat.

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