How to Carve a Chicken

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The true test of anyone’s meat knife skills. Roasting a chicken is fairly easy but if you’re like most people, when the bird is out, rested and ready to cut into, everything becomes a free for all. Believe it or not, there is a very precise method to getting the maximum amount of meat out of your piece of poultry without all the picking. If you’ve always wondered how to cut a perfect breast from that rotisserie chicken or how to get the drumstick perfectly separate from the thigh without just ripping it out, than this tutorial is for you. The best part is, all of this can be translated to any other type of bird. After this online cooking class, that Thanksgiving turkey will become less of a dreaded obstacle and more of a cinch!

In this video tutorial, we learn how to carve a chicken in just a few easy steps. After you’re done, you’ll be cutting them up like any professional chef, getting the most out of your value, you’re effort and you’re bird!


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