Great gadgets to keep in your kitchen

We’ve all seen the infomercials on TV with some life-changing gadget that will dramatically improve our livelihood. While some of these show overly dramatic actors highlighting the importance of adding some item into their lives, occasionally the gadgets can be a great addition to your home. For students taking cooking school online, here are some seemingly unnecessary yet completely useful gadgets to add to your kitchen toolbox.

Spice it up!
Love garlic, but don’t want whole cloves in your stews and soups? Check out some super cool Spice Bombs, sold by Uncommon Goods and other stores. Simply throw a clove or two into the spice bomb and drop it in to the pot. Let simmer as long as you like to infuse your dish with a variety of flavors. Want to top off that soup with some freshly chopped parsley, but don’t want to risk chopping off a finger in the process? Try out a pair of multi-blade kitchen scissors to quickly and efficiently formulate some finely minced herbs, sold at a variety of kitchen stores.

Make yourself a nice mixer
Sold on Amazon, the Moo Mixer Supreme couldn’t make drinking chocolate milk any more satisfying. Fill with milk and some chocolate syrup and use the convenient hand pump to stir your chocolate milk for a decadently even concoction. For those looking to sip on an adult beverage, try adding to some whiskey stones to your freezer’s arsenal of goods. Easy to find in most kitchen accessory stores, these stones chill your beverage without watering it down. No more watery whiskey!

From classic to contemporary
What better way to cook rice than in the microwave? Sure you can buy the microwave bagged rice, but now you can cook any type of rice you like with microwave rice cooking tools. Sold in stores all over, just put your rice in the bowl with some water and in minutes you’ll have fluffy rice to add to any dish. Perhaps you want to use that rice in something a little different. Try your hand at rolling your own sushi with a kit to assist in your creating infallible sushi rolls. Sushi rolling kits can be found in specialty kitchen stores.

Cool kitchen gadgets like these might not be entirely necessary, but they can be great tools for chefs looking to spice up their supply rack. They may be silly, but if they yield a smile or two they just might be worth it.

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