Gold Crickets Garnish French Chocolate Maker’s Creations

Students taking online pastry courses might want to double check with their instructors before following the lead of Sylvian Musquar. The French chocolate maker is getting plenty of press for his latest confectionery creations. Musquar’s gourmet chocolates are adorned with a natural but unsightly ingredient – real, gold-dusted grasshoppers.

Eating unique foods is nothing new to the French, who have created delicacies out of gelatinized cow heads, snails and sea urchins. Although proud of his creations, Musquar does recognize that potential buyers might be hesitant at first.

“You mustn’t fix your eyes too much on them, or pay too much attention otherwise you won’t eat them,” Musquar told The Guardian.

Musquar told the source that he came up with the idea after taking a trip to Asia, where six, eight and  zero-legged insects often find a way onto the dinner table. There was plenty of inspiration for Musquar to draw from. Loatians eat fried crickets. Cambodian street vendors make a living of fried or baked tarantulas. The Japanese, Chinese and Thai people snack on cooked locusts daily.

His products couldn’t have come at a better time. The U.N. released a report stating that insects are great sources of lean protein and essential minerals. Insects also contain healthy fats that are great for inflammation and joint pain. Insect protein bars and animal feed are also making their way into the mainstream market.

Despite the green​ light from the United Nations, a steady diet of insects still requires a strong stomach and an eclectic personality. However, Musquar assures his consumers that the grasshoppers are of the highest quality and are 100 percent all-natural. The company MicroNutris provides Musquar with insects that are fed vitamins and minerals until harvest time comes around.

At almost $20 per box, Musquar is offering not only a rich, crunchy treat but a delicacy that has the potential to get some attention in mainstream culinary circles.

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