Get creative with your deviled eggs

Since spring has sprung, it’s about time to start getting ready for all of those barbecues and potlucks we’ll be enjoying in the coming months. No gathering is complete without some deviled eggs – always a crowd pleaser. We’re down to enjoy some hard boiled eggs topped with a mayo and mustard combination, but why not put those culinary academy skills to the test and spice it up a little, literally? Next time you’re up for bringing a classy appetizer to a party, consider one of these alternative deviled egg concoctions:

Hummus and mint
You’ve probably never thought about mixing your egg yolk with hummus, but there’s a first time for everything. This recipe from the Food Network calls for a mixture of mashed yolk, yogurt, hummus and lemon, topped with a warm concoction of olive oil, olives, mint and red pepper flakes. If you start snacking before you leave, you probably won’t have any of these eggs left over to bring to the party.

Spinach and cheese
Nix the mustard altogether and enjoy some deviled eggs inspired by your favorite dip from Cook a few ounces of frozen spinach, squeeze it as dry as you can and chop it up very fine. Throw the spinach into a mixture of Parmesan cheese, mayonnaise, yolk, milk and a couple of dashes of nutmeg and pepper. You can also add some artichoke to the mix.

Pizza eggs
The Food Network’s recipe for pizza eggs will be a hit among both kids and adults. Along with your mashed yolks, add some shredded mozzarella, diced tomatoes and chopped basil. Either chop some pepperoni into tiny pieces or garnish each egg half with a slice of the meat.

Buffalo eggs
The only thing that rivals deviled eggs as the most popular party appetizer is buffalo wings. So consider combining the two favorites into one awesome dish like this one from Add some bleu cheese, parsley and hot sauce to your mayonnaise and yolk mixture and top with some diced celery. Every time you’re invited to a party, people will ask you to bring this zesty dish.

Martini eggs
If an appetizer for a cocktail party is your responsibility, consider this martini egg recipe from the Food Network. Even made with some vodka and vermouth and topped with a pimiento-stuffed olive, James Bond would be proud and also very full if he got his hands on these.

Baked potato eggs
Bacon, chives, sour cream and cheddar cheese taste great in a baked potato, but have you ever tried these ingredients in deviled eggs? suggested cooking your bacon up crispy so it’s easy to crumble into small enough pieces to add to your mixture.

Breakfast eggs
The Food Network’s lox egg recipe is perfect for a brunch gathering. Complete with scallions, smoked salmon and some Dijon mustard, these elegant little egg halves would be even more aesthetically appealing topped with a bagel chip or some capers.

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