Four Seasons food truck touring East Coast

Those who aren’t particularly familiar with recent trends in the culinary world (online cooking school, the cronut, etc.) often seem to be under the impression that food trucks offer a lower-end product than traditional, sedentary, brick and mortar restaurants. Of course, any true foodie will tell you that these individuals are sorely mistaken; food trucks actually offer up some of the best culinary experiences in any geography, of which the Four Seasons food truck is a prime example. Owned by the famed, lavish hotel chain of the same name, the truck is currently touring the East Coast offering items inspired from the hotels menus, according to Conde Nast Traveler.

The tour
Conde Nast reports that the Four Seasons truck began its East Coast tour on Sept.15 in Boston and will be making stops intermittently until it concludes in Miami on Nov. 11. While the food truck, which is the first of its kind to be sponsored by a luxury hotel group, is overseen by Guy Rigby, the vice president of food and beverage for the hotel group, its menu draws influence from numerous other chefs. At each of the stops along the trucks route, a star-studded cast of local chefs will be in charge of the menu. In Baltimore, for example, the dishes served will be designed by a team including Oliver Beckert, executive chef of The Four Seasons Baltimore, as well as the executive and pastry chefs from Baltimore’s Wit and Wisdom restaurant, Zack Mills and Dyan Ng.

The truck
The Four Seasons hotel brand launched the truck last year in an entirely unprecedented move.The mobile eatery initially debuted on a West Coast tour that took The Four Seasons inspired cuisine from Washington down through California, much to the delight of foodies up and down the Pacific Coast Highway. Somewhat unsurprisingly, the truck features locally sourced ingredients from each of the geographies that it stops in, with different entrees appearing on a rotating menu based on the local fare and produce where the truck is currently stopped. The Baltimore Business Journal reports that during the truck’s stop in Maryland’s capital city, the menu featured crab burgers, crispy mac ‘n’ cheese and smoked meatballs, among other local delicacies. While no other luxury hotel chain has yet to mimic the Four Seasons venture, it may not be surprising if we begin to see other high-end hospitality groups moving into the realm of mobile food delivery.

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