Foodie App Burrple Gets A Redesign

With a rising generation of young chefs in culinary arts programs who are becoming more obsessed with both foodie culture and the rise of the smartphone, an app for sharing cuisine was an inevitability.

Launched in February 2013, Burrple has been called a mix of Instagram, Path and Pinterest, according to Tech2. Since smartphones like the iPhone and Android have become so popular with a younger generation, much of the style and design caters to that demographic.

Capturing culinary moments
Snapping pictures of delectable dishes and then sharing them on social networks has become a phenomenon for many people. As a cook in online chef programs, you might be guilty of this too! People love food, and they also love taking pictures, so seeing someone light up a dim restaurant with their smartphone’s bright camera while smiling down at their favorite dish has become commonplace in many eateries.

A tech race for food
Burrple recently got a clean and modern redesign for foodie sharing on iOS, in addition to adding wish lists and social menus. According to The Next Web, it appears that Burrple eventually wants to join the ranks of Foursquare and Evernote Food when it comes to culinary recommendations on the web as well. Since so many people grab their smartphones for deciding everything from takeout to four-course prix fixe meals, many restaurants have jumped on board with the tech/foodie craze.

For example, Foursquare users can get discounts off their meals and even free desserts and appetizers when they “check in” to a restaurant for the first time. In addition to perks, Foursquare also offers reviews (both good and bad).

What makes Burrple different?
With this app, users can track where they want to dine next and can mark their favorite and most memorable eateries. Each restaurant a user picks is marked with a large green button that is included in a tab on each individual’s profile screen.

As with any new app, Burrple still has some technical issues that it is working through. However, Tech2 reports that there have already been 300,000 foodie pics shared in more than 140 countries and 4,000 cities, so it appears that despite its hiccups, the app is becoming quite popular worldwide.

Smartphones aren’t going anywhere, so chefs in online culinary colleges should keep themselves informed about these foodie apps and keep them in mind, especially when they plan to open their first restaurant.

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