Food Trucks Are Here To Stay

According to Toronto Life, the recent Canadian Restaurant and Foodservices Association show, which displays the hottest new trends in dining and cuisine, is giving a nod to restaurants on wheels.

Once an offbeat culinary phenomenon, food trucks are becoming increasingly mainstream. Many of you who learn to cook online may view food trucks as somewhat less pristine, but today’s food trucks serve up every type of cuisine imaginable, from donuts to Indian wraps. This trend has swept the country in recent years, even prompting popular cooking shows like Food Network’s The Great Food Truck Race – now in it’s third season.

Many of the chefs on the show take their trucks across the country to expose their cuisine to Americans. This past season, the race came down to Seoul Sausage, a group of chefs that became famous for their fried kimchi rice balls, and Nonna’s Kitchenette.

One of the main reasons why many chefs across the country are turning to food trucks is because they can mobilize – literally and figuratively. Using everything you’ve learned from culinary arts programs to start up a new business like a food truck could be a great way to showcase your talent, because from the looks of things, this hot new trend isn’t going anywhere.

If you happen to be Austin for the SXSW event make sure to check out 3 of the top food trucks in the area.

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