Celebrate Pi Day By Making Pies On March 14

On March 14, it’s time to flex the knowledge you’ve picked up in to celebrate Pi Day. This holiday is celebrated to pay homage to the symbol used to represent a constant in mathematics. According to piday.org, pi represents the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter, begins with the digits 3.14 and goes on infinitely. Mathematicians everywhere decided that is enough of a reason to celebrate a holiday on 3/14!

Over the last few decades, teachers and math enthusiasts everywhere have served pie as a Pi Day staple. With all of the different varieties available in the baking & pastry arts – ranging from sweet fruit pies to savory meat pies – it is easy to get creative for your Pi Day treat.

The most delicious Pi Day pies include key lime, blueberry, apple, rhubarb, cherry, pumpkin, pecan and chocolate mousse. However, if you’re looking to add a little flair to your pie, neatorama.com has great ideas for taking it to the next level. As submissions to Pi Day contests, chefs have created pies shaped like the pi symbol, apple pies with the fruit cut into numbers rather than chunks and a pi(rate) pie decorated with a skull and crossbones. Try out these unique recipes in your own kitchen for a fun, memorable Pi Day experience.

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