Exploring The Difference Between Fondant And Butter Cream

The popularity of food shows like “Cake Boss” and “Ace of Cakes” have the average home baker more familiar with terms like fondant and butter cream. However, some might not know how to prepare a smooth sheet of the rolled icing or layer of a creamy frosting.

Baking is a science that relies on strict measurements to create show​-stopping results. Online pastry courses can help you learn the fundamentals, but here are the basics of fondant and butter cream:

Fondant is made from a mix of glucose, sugar and gelatin. It forms in a dough shape that can be rolled out and laid over cakes and other desserts. This is the preferred choice of many professional pastry chefs since it’s smooth and provides a seamless result when done right. You can dye it a number of colors, and many times people choose to create figures, cars, trucks or any number of items with fondant.

Butter Cream
This frosting is made from sugar and butter and has a creamy consistency. Butter cream comes out ahead in the taste factor for many people, and it can be the less expensive choice. It also can be dyed a range of hues and used to make decorations when piped.

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