Food Play: Spaghettieis

As a true testament that ice cream isn’t only for summer, Dolce Gelateria is handing out a fun play on the cold treat. It’s called spaghettieis​, and it is the happy result of what happens when a sundae mixes with a classic Italian dish.

The shop near New York University runs the gelato through a potato ricer and serves it with a chocolate “meatball”. To top it off, Italian sauces are added, which are simply fruity concoctions. You may think it’s just the latest in a swarm of food fads, but this treat has been a German speciality since the 1960s.

How do people conjure up the creativity necessary to develop such innovative treats? It’s founded on a firm understanding of food obtained through online culinary courses.

Thrillist food reviewer Andrew Zimmer recently headed to the Gelateria eatery to sample the play on ice cream. He revealed you can get a vodka sauce which is actually a mango and strawberry mix. Zimmer recommended trying the berry-flavored red sauce with the chocolate gelato meatball. He also gives away an insider’s tip: Dolce Gelateria’s chefs are working on a flat strainer to make linguine-shaped ice cream. Dolce Gelateria also has an ice cream sandwich that replaces the cookie of the classic with actual bread. Customers can fill a soft brioche bun with any of their favorite gelato flavors.

Spaghettieis​’s origins
According to International Dessert, spaghettieis is normally served with a strawberry compote and topped with coconut flakes to resemble Parmesan cheese. Dario Fontenella​, an ice cream maker, invented the dish in Mannheim, a town in Germany. According to Fontenella’s website, it took numerous attempts with different spaetzle machines to finally create the perfect spaghettieis. Fontenella finally settled on a cooled press to make the iconic pasta strands.

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