Dessert Breads: A Snack For Every Occasion

Whether you have just finished eating Thanksgiving dinner or are taking a snack break from the rigors of an online culinary school schedule, dessert and pastry breads are the kind of treat that makes any situation a little bit better.  Many “quick breads” are leavened using baking soda or baking powder instead of yeast, and take a shorter period of time to bake. The kind of breads  you can bake is really only limited by what you can imagine. If you can’t find a bakery near you or if your budget is tight, pastry breads don’t take much time to prepare and are inexpensive to make.

Types of dessert bread
Banana bread: The banana is a versatile fruit, one that can be baked whole, deep fried, or used in in pancakes or the fan-favorite, bread. Banana bread is one of the most well-known dessert breads and one of the most fun to bake. Add slices of fresh banana, a few gourmet chocolate chips, or a few scoops of peanut butter to your recipe for a flavorful twist to an all-American classic.

Pumpkin bread: Pumpkin bread is a sweet quickbread that has found its way to many autumnal dinner tables. The rich flavor from assorted spices and moist texture complements a variety of teas and coffees. Diced pumpkin, dried fruit, and pecans or cashews add a pleasant contrast of flavors.

Eggnog bread: Eggnog quickbread is a Christmas holiday favorite. If you are feeling a little adventurous, add spices like pumpkin or nutmeg into the mix for a contrasting tartness. Vanilla pudding can give the loaf some moisture.

Beer bread: The recipe for beer quickbread is simple. It’s an “any day” kind of bread that can offer different types of flavors based on what kind of beer you choose to use. Top it off with butter and you have the perfect football game snack.

Tea bread: Orange pecan tea bread is a combination of so many wonderful flavors and textures. The taste of the orange in the bread delights the senses and the saltiness and nuttiness of the pecans are a welcomed accompaniment to the experience.

Lemon bread: Another citrusy type of quickbread one should try is lemon blueberry bread. If you enjoy lemons, then this bread is for you. The recipe calls for at least three lemons, a lot of lemon juice and even some lemon peel. Add the subtle berry flavor of the blueberry and you have a sweet and tart breakfast treat.

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