Coffee Cocktails That’ll Warm You Right Up

Gone are the days of margaritas on rooftop bars and too-warm bottles of beer at music festivals. Summer has come and gone, so it’s time to say goodbye to all of the warm weather drinks. Now that we’re busting out our winter coats and scarves, we might as well drink some cocktails that’ll warm us up while pairing wonderfully with the goodies you make in your baking & pastry arts classes.


Irish coffee: This cold weather classic consists of hot coffee, your favorite Irish whiskey and some sugar to taste. Add some heavy cream to the top. It’s simple to make and is really tough to mess up. The smoothness of the Irish whiskey complements the roasted flavors of the coffee perfectly.

Frozen coffee cubes: If you thought the Irish coffee was easy to make, you’ve never made frozen coffee cubes. Simply throw some coffee in an ice tray and allow it to freeze. Throw them in your White or Black Russians or a glass of Irish cream.


Jamaican coffee: A Jamaican coffee begins as simply dark rum and coffee liqueur, until you pour your favorite hot roast over it. Top it off with a little – or a lot – of whipped cream and garnish with some chocolate sauce if you’re feeling decadent.

Bevanda Mattina: If you’ve ever struggled with having to decide between booze, coffee or dessert after dinner, you’ve clearly never heard of the Bevanda Mattina. Mix two shots of espresso, a shot of amaretto, a shot of amaro, and a scoop of vanilla gelato or ice cream. Get the best of all three worlds.


Stout coffee: If you’re a fan of stouts and have a little bit of time to take on your cocktail, try this drink. Heat your favorite stout on the stove with some vanilla seeds. Meanwhile, whip some heavy cream and a little bit of beer. When your stout is warm, remove the vanilla beans. Mix it with espresso, Irish whiskey, and a teaspoon of molasses. Top it off with your whipped cream and beer mixture and some nutmeg.

Cafe Brulot: Citrus has its place in winter cocktails too. To make yourself a hot cafe brulot, remove a large zest from an orange and a lemon and stick them with plenty of cloves. Throw them in a saucepan along with orange liqueur, brandy, cinnamon and sugar. Let the ingredients heat up on the stove and carefully light them on fire with a long match or lighter. Slowly pour the liquid mixture into hot coffee and remove the zests.

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