Choosing The Right Kind Of Salt

If you’ve been working through your online culinary course, you know how important salt can be as an ingredient.

According to the Farmer’s Almanac, salt is one of the four main flavors that our taste buds sense every time we eat a meal, so it’s possibly the most important product you keep in your cabinet. There are several types, however, so it’s a good idea to keep the different variations of salt in mind while you are in online culinary school.

Table salt
This powdery basic is what you typically find on restaurant tables, and it is the most widely used variety. It’s also the best choice for baking, since it dissolves easily.

Kosher salt
This coarse, flaky salt stems from the ancient Jewish practice of rubbing salt on meat to remove blood, which is a customary law for preparing food. Today, it’s popular with chefs because it’s easy to sprinkle with your fingers.

Sea salt
As you may have guessed, this salt comes from the ocean after sea water evaporates. There are different varieties of sea salt, from coarse to fine. Many people who prefer an additive-free diet use this type because it is formed naturally.

Himalayan salt
This pink, coarse salt from Asia is like sea salt, but unrefined. It is usually sold in big blocks and then prepared for standard use in salt grinders.

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