Cheesecake & Pate Sucree Recipe

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Key Ingredient: Butter, eggs, flour, sugar
Key Skill: Paste production
Equipment Needs: Sieve
Preparation Time: 10 minutes
Cooking Time: –
Difficulty: *
Garnishes: –

Serves 10
1 serve = 2 oz
10 oz Flour
7 oz Unsalted butter
3.5 oz Fine sugar
0.5 tsp Vanilla extract
1 Egg

Preparation Steps:
1. Sift the flour, add the sugar and rub it together with the butter until it goes crumbly
2. Make a well, add the vanilla extract and egg and work together quickly
3. Wrap in parchment paper or plastic wrap. Rest for 30 minutes before use

Note: Lemon zest can be added. This dough has a lower flour ratio and will have a more buttery
flavor and softer texture. It will be harder to roll.


Key Ingredient: Cream cheese, eggs, short paste
Key Skills: Cheesecake production
Equipment Needs: Bowl, whisk, 8’’round cake tin
Preparation Time: 30 minutes
Cooking Time: ~1 hour
Difficulty: **
Garnishes: Coulis, fresh berries, mint

Serves 8
14 oz Sweet dough
1 Lemon
17 oz Cream cheese
4 oz Castorsugar
3 tsp Cornstarch
3 Eggs
5 fl oz Heavy cream

Preparation Steps:
1. Preheat the oven to 285°F. Zest and juice the lemon
2. Prepare the short dough. Line the cake tin with short doughand trim so that only the
bottom third of the cake tin wall is covered. Blind bake
3. Whip the cream cheese with ½ the sugar, the lemon zest, juice and cornflour
4. Separate the eggs and add the yolks to the mixture and combine. Whip the cream and fold
into the mixture
5. Whip the whites to a meringue with the rest of the sugar and fold through the mixture
6. Pour into the mould and smooth the top

Cooking Steps:
1. Bake in the oven at 285°F for 40-50 minutes until firm to the touch
2. Cool on a cake rack

1. Place a small cartouche on the centre of the cake and dust the confectioners’sugar over
the top of the cake. Remove the cartouche
2. Cut into slices and place onto chilled plates. Garnish as desired

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