Best Deep​-Fried Food Ideas

Even though carnival and fair-festival season is over, you can still enjoy a main delight: deep fried food. Fried items are not the healthiest options on any menu, but they sure do taste good. In addition to the fact they make your taste buds happy, you can deep fry pretty much anything you want – gummy worms, ice cream, chocolate and so on. Students taking online culinary courses can experiment with all different food items or maybe even combine a few existing ones. Make your next party a deep-fried food party with these delicious options.

Fried Kool-Aid Balls
Charlie Boghosian, creator of the fried Kool-Aid ball, makes this tasty treat with batter made from flour, Kool-Aid and water. On the first weekend of the San Diego County Fair, he sold 400 to 600 five-ball orders each day. He needed over half a ton of flour and 150 pounds of Kool-Aid to make 9,000 balls for the fair-goers.

Fried hot Italian sausage and peppers
Italian sausage is a fan favorite in the Syracuse,N.Y., community. The only thing that could make it better is deep frying it, peppers and all. Before the sausage is placed in the fryer, the peppers and other toppings should be put underneath the meat to prevent any stray veggies from falling out.

Deep friend peanut butter and jelly sandwich
Frying the most traditional sandwich of all time is a milestone in food history. The crispy, slightly salty crust of buttered and fried bread combined with the sweet and tangy flavors of PB and J is a treat that kids of all ages can enjoy.

Fried avocado
This naturally healthy fruit with a deep fried twist can really confuse your taste buds in a good way. If properly fried, the avocado will keep its creamy texture and green hue. Adding a little bit of powdered sugar on top gives it a sweetness to match the avocado’s natural buttery flavor.

Deep fried doughnut cheeseburger
​Whether its a Krispy  Kreme, Dunkin or gourmet doughnut, you can make a deep-fried cheeseburger out of it. Slice the donut in half, making the hamburger bun. Add the actual burger and cheese. You can get fancy and add strips of bacon and other garnishes to complement the meat. Dip the whole piece in egg batter and fry for a few minutes. Be ready to experience a food coma like never before.

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