Best Cooking Apps

These days, one of the most useful kitchen gadgets a home cook can have is their mobile device. Thanks to the growing number of apps that aim to aid in all aspects of the cooking process, online cooking school students will find that their phones are invaluable resources for preparing food. The following is a list of the most useful apps for home cooks:

Pepperplate is a free menu planning app. The way it works is users are guided to the Pepperplate website where they can download whatever recipes interest them onto the app’s interface. The idea is to select the meals you wish to eat for the week. Then, the app will automatically generate a shopping list and calendar to help you plan out your meals. In addition to downloading recipes from online, Pepperplate also allows for users to enter in recipes of their own. For those with a little bit of money to burn, Paprika is a similar app for $4.99 that has the added feature of being internet-free. All recipes are already included in the app so there is no need to surf the web.

Perfect Produce
This app provides a comprehensive guide to buying top quality produce. This is an ideal app for anyone embarking on a vegetarian diet or who just wants to incorporate more produce into their daily diet. Perfect Produce not only has an extensive glossary of available produce, but it also includes information on what to look for when buying each type as well as recipes to use them in. This app costs $1.99.

This is an especially great app for student chefs. Substitutions works by compiling an extensive list of ingredients and then making suggestions on what you could use instead of said ingredient in your recipe. This app is good for sparking creativity by showing you different ways of tweaking a dish to add some of your own personal flair. For only $0.99 this encyclopedia of possible ingredient substitutions makes a great addition to a cook’s arsenal.

Evernote Food
The culinary arm of the popular Evernote app, Evernote Food provides a central hub for all your food-based activity. Not only does this app give you access to countless recipes, but it also has a restaurant locator feature and image sharing capabilities. These combined features create the perfect tool for the aspiring chef.

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