Awesome barbecue sauce ingredients

Barbecue sauce, as any amateur or professional chef will tell you, has the capacity to make or break a meal coming off of the grill. With that said, it’s important to wonder what exactly does make a barbecue sauce truly outstanding. While it may seem like most barbecue sauces tend to be relatively run of the mill, a willingness to experiment with new ingredients may drive the quality of your recipe through the roof. Looking for a starting point? No worries, take a look at these awesome ingredients and seasonings you can use to make your barbecue sauce absolutely spectacular.

It’s somewhat rare to find someone who eats meat and doesn’t love bacon. Still, it seems most people never think to make it a featured ingredient within their barbecue sauces. According to Serious Eats, Memphis pitmaster Mike Mills uses it to make his sauce stand out among the rest. Apparently, putting chopped bacon inside a spice grinder to make your sauce can allow the meat to absorb the other ingredients used in the recipe. Once the bacon has been ground into small pieces, you’ll find that it offers a meaty, smoky addition to your barbecue sauce. This is perfect for making pulled pork or complementing brisket.

Granulated honey
This one may seem a little bit obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many different dimensions that honey can offer to your barbecue sauce. While it’s no big news that adding liquid honey directly into your sauce can make it sweeter, putting granulated honey into the mix of a meat rub can be extremely beneficial. According to Fox News Clint Cantwell, who serves as the chief editor of, uses granulated honey to add a sweet taste to his meat rubs without changing the consistency too greatly. Try adding it into your next rub for a perfectly sweet and savory brisket.

Fruit Juice
Fruit juice is far from the first thing that leaps to mind when we consider altering our barbecue sauces, but it can actually be extremely useful. For example, adding pineapple or grapefruit juice in small quantities may offer you a barbecue sauce that has a tangy finish. Experimenting with lime or lemon juice, as well, can give a citrus tartness rarely found in most commercial sauces.

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