Austin Chef Shakes Up Industry Hierarchy

Top chef Paul Qui’s newest restaurant has officially opened its doors in East Austin and has begun dishing out delectable dinners in the kitchen. This modern establishment has really shaken up the restaurant world. It’s not that the dinner ware that was hand crafted by local potters that make Qui unique, and its not the staff’s aprons that were hand-sewn by local tailors. What Qui did with his restaurant was completely disrupt the long-established hierarchy of staff members within the business and probably goes against what you’ve heard about restaurant culture while studying at a Texas culinary school.

In a nearly unheard of occurrence, the Front of House and Back of House were trained together in a nearly two-month long effort. Everyone from bartenders to busboys can tell you about the wines, main courses and appetizers after this extensive training session. Even the cooks themselves will deliver the dishes to your table. Guests at Qui can experience the thrill of having their food served by the hand of the cook who prepared it and having the same cook explain the dish to them.

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