Amazing secret menus of popular restaurant chains

There has been a surge of secret menus making the news in recent months, and people are jumping at the chance to spice up their regular fast food diets whenever they can. Many fast food chains offer these little surprises, but unlike the famous In-n-Out menu found on their website, other restaurants’ secret items often have to be found somewhere else. Here are a few that you might not know yet:

Chipotle – The leader in gourmet Mexican fare has an extensive list of extra items patrons can order. If you ask nicely, you can get a quesorito, a quesadilla filled with all the traditional meats, greens and beans of a burrito. The kind workers at Chipotle will roll all the ingredients together and bake it in a fluffy tortilla, creating a nice, crispy version of this fan-favorite.

Five Guys – Some of the tastiest all-meat burgers come from Five Guys, but if you know about their secret menu, you can get food closer to vegetarian than anything else they offer. Just ask for a veggie burger and they will pack it with every topping they have in their arsenal, which adds up to about nine different vegetables.

Jamba Juice – The healthy smoothie makers at Jamba Juice have kept their secret menu hidden for quite some time, but people are clamoring for a taste. One of the most sought-after flavors is Pink Starburst, which tastes just like the chewy candy. They mix together lemonade, soy​ milk, pineapple, raspberry, lime and orange sherbet, strawberries, and a lot of ice to create this cup of smoothie perfection.

Other items they have on their secret menu include Raspberry Dreamin, Pineapple Dreamin, Bluetopia, Peanut Butter and Jelly, Apple Pie, Sourpatch Kid, White Gummy Bear, Red Gummy Bear, Fruity Pebbles, Now and Later, Push Pop, Strawberry Shortcake and Skittles.

KFC – The Colonel probably hadn’t thought of including anything Canadian in his original menu, but today, Americans can enjoy a slice of the Great White North at any KFC location. Just ask for an order of poutine, the Canadian equivalent of crazy fries that includes French fries, fried cheese curds and layers of thick gravy.

Starbucks – The makers of delicious gourmet coffee don’t advertise their secret menu online, but people in the know have access to some great options. Get items like the poor man’s chai latte by ordering a chai tea misto with extra foam, two tea bags, a dash of cinnamon and a splash of vanilla syrup. You can also try the cake batter frap, a combination of strawberries and cream frappucino with hazelnut flavoring.

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