A Guide To Grinding Fresh Meat at Home

Buying meat from your local supermarket is an easy way to get what you need for your recipes. However, with your own meat grinder, you can produce fresh cuts of ground meat that are just right for your dishes. Here’s everything you need to know about grinding fresh meat right in your kitchen:

Benefits of grinding your own meat
Grinding your own meat comes with many benefits. You’re in control of everything that goes into the grinder, meaning you can create a type of meat that fits your favorite tastes and dietary restrictions.

Safety: When you buy meat from the grocery store, there is always the risk that it has been contaminated with bacteria like E. coli. In some supermarkets, the meat isn’t ground fresh daily – it’s actually ground a few days before you buy it. The longer the meat sits, the more the flavor and quality decreases. By grinding your own meat, however, you can be sure that it’s fresh and flavorful.

Fresh taste: Because the meat hasn’t been sitting out for a number of days, your meat will often have a much fresher taste, which can really produce good-quality meals.

Combinations: With your own meat grinder, you can create a number of different meats and cuts to yield a custom combination. Grind up beef or blend pork and veal – it’s up to you! You will also be able to control the fat content in your meat, allowing you to stay on track with your diet. Enroll in a culinary arts program online to discover which cuts of meat go well together.

Tips for grinding meat
Ensure that the process of meat grinding is successful with these quick and easy tips:

Keep your grinder and tools chilled: It’s essential to store your materials, such as the tray, auger and blade, in the freezer. If these items are warm, your meat will smear and the fat can leak out. Let everything chill in the freezer for at least one hour before beginning the grinding process.

Cut first: Chop up your meat into pieces that will fit through the opening in your grinder. Most require about 1 to 2 inch pieces.

Make sure your blade is sharp: A dull blade will only smear your meat – make sure it’s sharp so it can produce good-quality meats. Get your blades resharpened about once a year.

Pass paper towels through your grinder: In order to properly clean your grinder, try taking a couple of wadded-up paper towels and putting them through the grinder. While they won’t come out on the other side, they will push tiny pieces of meat that are stuck in the machine out so that your machine can stay clean and give you pristine results for next time.

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