4 Ingredients To Spice Up Your Guacamole

Guacamole is a popular snack that everyone can enjoy. Whether you’re entertaining for a party or making something creative for your online cooking school, you can make your guacamole more creative by adding unique ingredients.

Before you mix it up, make sure you have a great basic guacamole recipe on hand. Most recipes call for avocados, onion, cilantro, salt, lime juice and occasionally tomatoes. All you have to do is mash the avocados in a mixing bowl and add your chopped ingredients. Here is a great basic guacamole recipe that can be enhanced however you see fit.

Here are ingredients you can add to your guacamole to make it more interesting:

Green peas
Adding peas to guacamole adds sweetness and chunky texture to the dip. Peas also help prevent the guacamole from browning quickly. To add peas to guacamole, simply blanch the peas, puree them and add them to your favorite guacamole recipe. You can also add some whole peas to the dip as a garnish. The New York Times shared a recipe for green pea guacamole that takes about 45 minutes to complete.

Feta cheese
Try adding feta cheese to your guacamole dip to create an intense flavor and chewy texture. When adding feta, make sure to use less salt, as most feta cheeses are quite salty on their own. Simply Scratch has a feta cheese guacamole recipe that takes only five minutes, but any guacamole recipe will be great when enhanced with feta.

Adding spice to guacamole give the dip a nice kick. Jalapeños will make your guacamole spicy and add a pleasant texture. Try charring the jalapeños first. This will add a smokier flavor and help incorporate the peppers into the dip better. Food & Wine created a jalapeño guacamole recipe that calls for both jalapenos and scallions.

Create a hearty guacamole dip that can be eaten with either chips or warm tortillas by adding chorizo. Similar to feta cheese, chorizo is very salty, so you may want to reduce the amount of salt you add to your base recipe. Make sure to let the chorizo cool a bit before adding it to the guacamole to prevent the dip from browning too quickly. Food & Wine has a recipe for guacamole that calls for chorizo, queso fresco, and various peppers and chiles.

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