3 must-see overseas food trends

Those who attend culinary arts programs online may be searching the Web for the latest food trends across the country. While it’s great to be in the know on all that is happening in the U.S.-based culinary world, don’t limit yourself. There are tons of food trends that are worth checking out that are happening on foreign soil. Here are three of the latest restaurant fads:

1. Conveyor belt French cuisine – According to the FoodBeast, a French restaurant is offering up dishes on a conveyor belt. Diners at Medi Terra Nea can view a variety of appetizers and desserts as they pass by on the moving belt. There is a card attached to each dish that details the price and description of the plate. Once diners see something they’d like to try, they can take it off the belt.

2. Sushi trains – Rotating sushi is popular in Japan, and it recently made its way to the states. It’s called kaiten-zushi in Japanese. When you sit at one of these eateries you’ll have a range of plates pass you by. You can get good-quality sushi at these restaurants, yet it isn’t high-end dining.

3. Underwater dining – If your idea of a great night out involves being submerged 650 feet below sea level, then a submarine restaurant might be a good venue for you to check out. According to the FoodBeast, you can set sail on this U.K.-based venture for just $284,000. The custom menu features caviar, oysters and chocolate fondant with “essence of pomegranate.” While this dining experience might bare too hefty of a price tag for those just finishing up culinary school, it can serve as great inspiration for a future chef’s dreams. So keep reading about food trends here and abroad so you can discover a culinary route for your future.

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