Top 7 Summer Vegetables

As most chefs in international cooking schools will tell you, there is nothing like picking up great sources of fresh produce during the summer months. Finding the best possible ingredients as you continue your online culinary courses can make or break the success of your creations.

Since the weather is warming and markets are slowly beginning to include all sorts of seasonal veggies, here is a breakdown of the best items to pick up the next time you go shopping:

If you are longing to make a salad worthy of five stars, you can’t go wrong with the flavors found in this leafy green. Because of its unique flavor, it is best paired with vinaigrettes.

As one of the most versatile ingredients in the culinary academy, many chefs are thrilled to work with tomatoes during the summer when they are in their peak growing season. The sky’s the limit with these beauties: You can serve them raw, in sauces, cooked or in several ethnic dishes.

Hot peppers
Who doesn’t like spicing things up every once in awhile? You can include peppers in plenty of everyday recipes, including soups, chilis, fresh salsas, stir-frys and salads.

Another versatile summer veggie, zucchini can be baked into breads, used in stir-frys or added to a variety of fresh pasta dishes.

Who doesn’t love seeing a heaping bowl of guacamole at a summer party? With a high quantity of vitamins and “good” fats, avocado is the perfect addition to salads, dips and tacos.

Although cucumbers have an understated flavor, they can add loads of texture to a variety of dishes and pair well with just about any herb.

Sweet corn
Biting into a fresh ear of corn is a summer pastime for many Americans. Whether you choose to boil, grill or broil your sweet corn, the flavor and crunch is unmistakable.

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