Vegetables Take Center Stage In 2013

Are you taking online chef courses, trying to come up with creative recipes and wondering what the next dining trend will be for 2013? In a turn of events that is sure to please moms everywhere, vegetables are outshining meat on menus across the country, according to AARP.

Everything from roasted vegetables like Brussels sprouts to sauteed favorites – like last year’s most popular leafy green, kale – are replacing meat as the star of many chef’s dishes. The AARP also reported that overall, Americans are eating less meat. In fact, the USDA predicted that this year, the average American will eat just over 200 pounds of meat per year, which is down from more than 221 pounds in 2007.

Ever since the U.S. government instituted “MyPlate” – which suggested that half of American’s plates should be fruits or vegetables – chefs and grocery shoppers alike have taken the guidelines seriously. For those looking to see what international cooking schools will be dishing out in the future, it might be wise to start focusing on vegetables as the main star of your culinary masterpieces.

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