Top 5 Vegetarian Recipes

The life of a vegetarian can be hard with a lot of non-specialty restaurants only accommodating them with a soup and salad section. You can shell out the extra money at vegan restaurants, or you can make these five fantastic meals that may convert a few of your friends into a more “meatless” diet.

Our Sweet Baby Ray’s Vegetarian Pizza may look like it has chicken on it, and it might even fool a few of your friends if you don’t tell them it’s sautéed tofu. By crumbling up the tofu and following our Tofu Chili Recipe, you will have all of your chocolate loving friends hooked thanks to the hints of coco powder. For those who love all things curry, our Vegetable Curry can be used as a dipping sauce for your chips and also enjoyed as a soup by itself. To push your “meatless” diet to the next level, our Black Bean Burger is perfect for those who are aching for the familiar taste of a burger, but don’t want to break their vegetarian vows. Finally, our Chickpea Salad Wraps are high in protein for those who have yet to add tofu to their diets. With the summer approaching, these five recipes will help turn your backyard into a neighborhood picnic hotspot.

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