Top 10 craziest state fair foods available this summer: Part 1

In the first part of this list we’re sharing these insane food concoctions we’ve found across the U.S. state fair scene. Read on to find out what crazy snacks are being offered around the country this summer from the bizarre culinary arts world that is the national state fair circuit.

1) The Ultimate Bacon Explosion
In f you love bacon, Iowa has you covered. This dish contains 8 ounces of brisket entirely wrapped in bacon and then covered in jalapeño cheese and barbecue sauce.

2) Deep-Fried Beer
Leave it to Texas to take the deep-fried tradition one step further and add alcohol into the mix. The Texas State Fair is serving up deep-fried pockets of dough filled with beer, the perfect snack for tailgating or checking out the prize-winning livestock at the state fair.

3) Hot Beef Sundae
While Indiana’s spaghetti ice cream turned something savory into something sweet, this dish from the Tennessee State Fair does the opposite. Using marinated beef and mashed potatoes to serve as ice cream, the gravy stands in as chocolate syrup, grated cheese acts as sprinkles and a cherry tomato tops it off.

4) Chocolate-Covered Scorpions
Both California and Arizona are offering up these unusual treats. The critters are deep-fried and then covered in chocolate. In Arizona you can opt for something a little less venomous and snack on a chocolate-covered cricket, grasshopper or even lizard.

5) Deep-Fried Oreo Burger
While this last one was served at the Florida State Fair back in February, it was too outrageous to leave off the list. This cholesterol bomb is made by coating a beef patty in Oreo cookie batter and deep-frying it. The patty is then topped with bacon, glaze and crumbled Oreos, as well as another whole Oreo just for good measure.

Each state holds its fair at a different time, but the majority of festivals take place between August and September. This guide is just a small taste of the culinary adventure that awaits at each celebration, so start planning your state fair road trip now!

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