How To Make Apricot Galettes

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You may be more familiar with the apricot when it’s in its dried form but this fruit packs some serious punches. Its sweetness mimics other favorite fruits like a plum or peach but the apricots unique flavor sets it far apart from the rest. The apricot galette definitely plays off of all that. By combining the bright and distinctive flavors of almond and apricot, this galette definitely stands out, both in appearance and in flavor. By making the crust out of a mixture of all-purpose and almond flour and then rolling it out, topping it with thinly sliced apricots and then some jam and honey, this recipe is gorgeous in every way. Plus, you can make it as rustic or as elegant as you want.

So, follow along with our pastry arts chef as she shows you how to make this gorgeous apricot galette. Not too sweet and perfectly fruity, this dessert was made for year-round entertaining.

Apricot Galette

1 1/3 cup flour
7 tbsp sugar in the raw
¼ cup almond flour
¼ tsp salt
¼ cup butter (chilled)
3 tbsp cold water
½ tsp cider vinegar
¼ tsp almond extract
1 ½ tbsp corn starch
2 lbs fresh apricots
½ cup apricot jam
1 tbsp honey

1. Mix the water, vinegar and almond extract together and set aside.
2. Mix the flour, the first amount of sugar, almond flour and salt in a medium mixing bowl. Cut the butter in small pieces and cut into the flour mixture until it resembles coarse corn meal, add the liquid and knead. Refrigerate until firm.
3. Pit the apricots and cut them into 4 or 6 pieces. Roll the dough into a 12” circle, combine the corn starch and the second amount of sugar and sprinkle over the dough leaving a 1 ½ inch border. Arrange the apricots on top and fold the edges of the dough in.
4. Mix ¼ cup of apricot jam and the honey, warm slightly in the microwave and pour over the apricots. Bake at 375 Degrees F for about 30 minutes until the crust browns. While the galette is still slightly warm mix the the remaining apricot jam with 1 tablespoon of water, warm and brush over the galette.

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