Toby Keith’s restaurant to close suddenly

If you’re enrolled in a online culinary arts program, then you probably already understand the importance of having a solid theme or gimmick on which to base a restaurant project. While good food and service are critical to maintaining a well-liked establishment, solid branding and an original business model are wonderful additions to any restaurant concept. Regrettably, these aren’t always enough to ensure the success of your venture. That theory seems to be actively illustrated in California, as Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar and Grill will be closing abruptly, according to CBS Sacramento.

The restaurant
Toby Keith’s restaurant is located in the Sacramento suburb of Folsom, California, and it has been open for roughly two years at this point. The establishment has drawn both fans of country music and American fare through its pairing of classic comfort food dishes with live musical performances. According to the Sacramento Business Journal, the restaurant has locations in other cities, and no report has yet been made on whether or not any of these franchises will be closing. Located at the Palladio Center in Folsom, the restaurant  occupied 12,000 square feet during its operational run. No news has yet been posted about what is to become of that space following the closing.

Toby Keith
For those unfamiliar with Toby Keith, he’s become one of the most successful country western musical artists of his generation through a career that’s spanned a multitude of albums and projects. His career got off to a hot start almost immediately after his debut album, a self titled work, went platinum by selling over one million copies. The subject matter of his work tends to lean heavily on the concept of patriotism, and he’s been known to perform for soldiers currently serving in the Middle East.

New Year’s Eve
Initially, the restaurant had posted plans on its Facebook page and website to hold a New Year’s Eve party featuring special menu items, an extensive drink list and live performances by a number of different country western groups. Without much explanation for the closing, it has been indicated that the celebration will be canceled so that the restaurant can close immediately. This is certainly a disappointment for those who planned to attend, as they’re left to scramble for a new venue and activity at the last minute.

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