The Garage Comes To Chicago

Chicago food trucks will soon have a place to hang out, host events, cook and park their vehicles during down time. The Garage, located in the city’s West Loop neighborhood, is Chicago’s only food truck commissary and includes a full working kitchen and 1,600 square feet of space. Owner Dan Salls calls the area – located at 116 N. Aberdeen St. – a “gathering place” for trucks.

Salls said that he plans for the space to ultimately be used for food service from the Salsa Truck menu and some other local food trucks in the future.

“The Garage will initially feature an expanding Salsa Truck menu along with a rotating a la carte menu based on our favorite things to eat,” Salls told Chicagoist. “One day we might do burgers, hot dogs and sausages, while the next we could do Mediterranean and the very next day could be lasagna. The possibilities are endless.”

He also sees the Garage as being a great place for pop-up restaurants and local food events in the future. He said it’s like a makeshift culinary academy for local foodies to work on their projects.

“We see it as a sort of  “culinary incubator,” he told the source. “Not only do we want it to house and help cultivate our business, but we feel that we can help other food trucks and aspiring chefs to hone their craft here.”

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