Student News – Escoffier Monthly Plating Competition

Attention students! Our Escoffier Chef Mentors announced a monthly, friendly competition around student assessment pictures. To encourage creative plating and culinary excellence, our mentors will be selecting one outstanding plating photo from each of the full programs, Culinary Fundamentals and Pastry Arts at the beginning of each month. We look forward to seeing your work!

What Are The Chef Mentors Looking For?

1. Student follows the course assignment recipe
2. Execution of the recipe is correct – We look at all the pictures for the assignment for any irregularities. (It must score a 100%)
3. Presentation is clean

  •  Does not have to have garnish but can (must be edible if used)
  •  Does not have to be staged (background, props are great but not necessary)
  • Picture is taken clearly (The quality of the picture is sometimes an issues so we ask for well taken pictures)

4. Focus is on the execution of the assignment not the items around it!
5. Self-assessment and comments are taken in consideration when plate/dish is explained by student.

Example: If a student is making the mashed potatoes assignment and plates it beautifully with a protein, vegetable, sauce and garnish, the main focus will be the execution of the mashed potatoes. However, we will look at the overall presentation of the whole plate. In this sense ANY assignment could potentially be chosen for Plate Presentation of the month.

Our Recent Monthly Winners!

Bavarian Cream by Tabitha Badams   

October pastry Badams Tabitha - Bavarian Creme (2)

   Clam Chowder by Alejandra Alvarado 


Choux Paste by Greg M.

Choux Paste by Greg M.

Mashed Potatoes by Norma Reni

Mashed Potatoes by Norma Reni

Click here to view our recent winners!

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