Shaq Gets A New Soda Line

Basketball fans and soda drinkers alike can now rejoice: Shaquille O’Neal finally has his own soda line, and they’re cream sodas at that. Although it is unlikely that Shaq participated in any online culinary school classes, he’s putting his face on the new product. He partnered with AriZona Beverage Company to create four flavors – now you can drink Shaq-tested vanilla, blueberry, strawberry and orange cream sodas from cans adorned with funny expressions from one of America’s favorite basketball players. For those who are wondering, no, these drinks will not improve your free throw percentage or make you grow 10 inches. The star retired from the basketball court after 19 years of playing for teams like the L.A. Lakers, Miami Heat and Orlando Magic.

Shaq took to Twitter to announce the news, saying “Yo! @DrinkAriZona Just launched the new delicious #SodaShaq! Keep up kids 🙂 Comin to stores very soon.”

The packaging says that the soda is made with “all natural” ingredients, and Thrillist reported that 50 million 23.5 ounce cans will be released in stores in June. Like others from AriZona Beverage Company, the drinks, officially named “Shaq Soda,” will be just 99 cents.

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