Restaurant Operators Optimistic For 2014

New survey data indicates restaurant operators are confident they will be able to ride the industry growth trend from late 2013 into the new year. A survey conducted by Nation’s Restaurant News (NRN) saw 56 percent of respondents expecting an increase in sales in 2014.This survey represents the preferences of 350 respondents working in the restaurant industry.

This confidence may be have been bolstered by the positive numbers coming out of the National Restaurant Association late last month. Their Restaurant Performance Index (RPI), which measures the relative expansion or contraction of economic activity in the restaurant industry, assigns a score based on a steady baseline of 100. In this system, RPIs above 100 indicate expansion, while those below suggest contraction. The November RPI hit a five-month high, clocking in at 101.2, thus making November the ninth consecutive month to post an RPI above 100.

This data indicates a trend of positive growth for the restaurant industry going into 2014. This is good news for those completing their culinary courses online in the upcoming year. As the economic climate for restaurants continue to improve, students can graduate with peace of mind knowing they are entering into a prosperous industry.

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