Puff Pastry Possibilities

Puff pastry is one of those food world wonders that you usually have at the back of your freezer and can be used for infinite recipes. Breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks – puff pastry can do it all. Whether you’re using a recipe you learned in your culinary arts programs or a pack of store-bought pastry that you forgot about, you’ll surely impress anyone who tries your creations with these puff pastry possibilities:

Hazelnut Cream Puff: This recipe is incredibly simple and completely delicious. All it takes is puff pastry, whipped cream, Nutella, powdered sugar and banana. It’s perfect to whip up on the fly when you have people coming over for dinner or just as a quick treat for you and your family.

Cinnamon Twists: With some puff pastry, butter, brown sugar and cinnamon, you can make delightful cinnamon twists in just ten minutes. If you’re feeling particularly indulgent, make an icing of cream cheese, sugar and milk to dip your twists in.

Berry Tart: This is the best dessert to make when you’re looking to clean out your fridge. Grab that puff pastry from the freezer and all of those berries left in your crisper. Simply spread a layer of sweetened cream cheese on your cooked puff pastry and cover it with fresh berries. You don’t even have to stick with berries if you don’t want to. Peaches would taste wonderful as well.

Veggie Tart: Tarts aren’t just for dessert. You can also use it for a delectable dinner or lunch tart made with your favorite vegetables. This recipe calls for corn, zucchini and tomatoes. Finish it off with some olive oil and dried basil for a refreshing summer dish.

Waffle Shells: Some brands sell the pastry separated into individual shells for personal tarts. While they’re delicious on their own, why not step it up a notch and prepare your puff pastry in the waffle iron? Top it with cream cheese, syrup, or Nutella and your favorite fruit. These would look adorable on a snack tray for a party as well.

Pot Pie: Pot pies are a dinnertime favorite, but making crust can be so time consuming. Cut that tedious step out and opt for puff pastry instead. Simply prepare your pot pie filling, pour it into individual ramekins and bake a puff pastry square right on top.

Baked Eggs: Perfect for a fancy little breakfast, consider serving your over easy eggs on a little puff pastry dish. Simply sprinkle your favorite shredded cheese and some fresh chives and pepper on top for a quick but elegant meal that’ll leave you ready to start your day.

Cream Cheese Churros: These may be just a little bit more healthy than the ones you get at the fair because they’re baked instead of deep fried. However, they’re just as delicious. Sprinkle them with cinnamon and powdered sugar and dip them in some melted caramel – Yum!

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